2000 series Demand flow Calgaz Regulators

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Calgaz 2000 Series Demand Flow Regulators

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Calgaz, the world's leading manufacturer of calibration gases and equipment is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of specialist regulators of non-refillable and portable calibration gas cylinders. 

Calgaz regulators are designed, meticulously hand-assembled, then rigorously inspected by highly experienced professionals in our Cambridge, Maryland facility. Every single regulator is function tested and leak checked, with rigid quality controls in place.

Calgaz offers a complete line of fixed and variable flow regulators, including our patented Demand Flow Regulator (DFR), for use with non-reactive, reactive and corrosive gases.


Calgaz regulators provide peace-of-mind. The regulator, or gas delivery system, is crucial in providing the correct amount of gas to the instrument. This ensures an accurate bump testing and calibration. These are some key items that consistently deliver the quality we promise and our customers demand.

The Demand Flow Regulator is desgined to work with pumped instruments. The regualtor enables gas to flow when a vacuum exceeding 3" water gauge is pulled by the instrument. The regulator allows the calibraiton gas to flow at the rate required by the instrument, automatically cutting off the flow when the instrument is swtiched off.

The award winning, patented DFR, has been one of the most innovative products introduced into the industry in the past few years. 

The DFR 2001 is used for the whole range of gases supplied by Calgaz with an inlet pressure up to 1000psi and for cylinders using the C10 fitting.  


Features & Benefits

  • All regulators are designed and built in-house

  • Rigid quality control of all supplied machined parts

  • Statistical Process Control in place

  • 100% of regulators are function tested

  • All regulators are leak checked

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