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2nd Generation ATP Test Kits

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Luminultra’s 2nd Generation ATP kits provide fast, complete, and accurate insight into microbiological activity. Both portable and easy to use, the test kits provide an interference-free indication of total microbial quantity within minutes of sample collection allowing you to save valuable time, help you better manage risk and reduce operating costs. In addition, our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff offers close suport every step of the way to achieve your goals.



  • RAPID: Provides results in minutes rather than hours, days or weeks
  • ACCURATE: The 2nd Generation ATP kits are designed specifically for water, organic and wastewater samples
  • COMPLETE: Achieves total recovery of all microorganisms in the sample rather than a small fraction
  • QUANTITATIVE: Includes a built-in standard to normalise results for valid historical and site-to-site comparisons
  • RELIABLE: All products meet the highest of quality standard and our expert staff provides unparalleled support for all applications

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