31395-0392 Pressure-Controlled Pump

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31395-0392 Pressure-Controlled Pump

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Jabsco PAR-Max Water Pressure pumps: the 1.9 GPM and 2.9 GPM (7 LPM and 11 LPM) are designed for vessels requiring a quiet, smooth flow, on-demand pump. These new pumps feature a three-chamber diaphragm design offering a smooth flow from .65 GPM to 2.9 GPM (2.5 LPM to 11 LPM), and come with a built-in Pulsation Eliminator to control unwanted cycling and noise. These performance characteristics match the needs of the typical vessel with up to three fixtures.



  • Smooth flow

  • Dry running capability

  • Soft noise absorbing mounts

  • Snap-fit port fittings

  • Built-in bypass -less pulsation

  • Reduces need for accumulator tank

  • Corrosion resistant materials

  • CSA listed, ISO 8846 MARINE (ignition protection), CE

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