330 H2S/Total Sulfur Analyzer

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330 H2S/Total Sulfur Analyzer

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This uniquely rugged and simple design by Envent utilizes a lead acetate based sensing system that provides a linear and interference-free output of H2S and Total Sulfur concentration.Features & Benefits



Measures H2S and/or Total Sulfur in natural gas, petrochemical streams, condensate, or LPG.


• Ranges from 0–50 ppb to 0–100%

• 1.5% accuracy, 1% repeatability

• Modbus Serial communications,

• Displays up to 5 times full scale

• Dual Isolated 4–20 mA outputs

• Less than 20-second response time to alarm

• Interference-free Lead acetate sensor

• 60–90 day tape (longest tape life in the market)

• Optional CO2 Sensor

• Optional Total Sulfur