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Badger Blancett® 900 Series Flow Meter

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The Blancett® 900 Series flow meter is rugged, low-priced and specifically designed to measure floodwater line flow in secondary oil recovery operations.

·  Size Range

25...50 mm

·  Temperature Range

-1…93 °C

·  Flow Range

7.5…340.7 lpm

·  Accuracy



The Blancett 900 Series flow meter is designed with rotary vane and multi-jet mechanisms to provide reliable and long-term flow measurement.

  • Interchangeable Inserts.  Features interchangeable inlet inserts with three different sized pre-calibrated orifices for low, medium and high meter flow ranges.
  • Proven Longevity. Built with time-proven rotary vane and multi-jet mechanisms, which provide long-term measurement and totalization with minimum maintenance required. 
  • Streamlined Service & Installation. Can be easily installed by facing the flow arrow in the same direction of the fluid flow and requires minimal maintenance over the life of the meter. 

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