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Badger Blancett® B3000 Series Flow Monitor

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The Blancett® B3000 Series flow monitor provides a flexible, durable, easy-to-use platform for flow metering applications. The monitor makes it easy to track flow, with a crisp dot-matrix display.

·  Power

3.6V DC lithium D Cell battery (6 years of service life)

·  Input Frequency Range

1...3500 Hz

·  Input Frequency Accuracy



The Blancett B3000 Series flow monitor displays both flow rate and flow total to provide users with greater control and visibility of batch operations.

  • Advanced Connectivity. Designed with advanced connectivity, which provides connection to meters within the network for remote monitoring and process automation capabilities.
  • Enhanced Data. Features updated display and totalization options to provide more flow information, including simultaneous display of rate and total, as well as standard, batch and grand totals.
  • Alarm Parameters. Equipped with alarm parameters to provide faster warning when something changes within the process or pipeline.

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