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Awards & Accreditations

Awards & Accreditation


Tripartite Standards

We are proud to announce that Ansac has adopted the Tripartite Standards! The Tripartite Standards is an initiative that identifies and recognizes employers who have implemented fair and progressive employment practices. This is part of Ansac’s commitment towards building a better workplace for our employees.


Work-Life Harmony (WLH)

Self-Employed Persons (SEP)

Age-friendly Workplace Practices (AFW)

Recruitment Practices (RP)

Grievance Handling (GH)

Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)

Term Contract Employees (TCE)

Lower-Wage Workers (LWW)

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Ansac has pledged to be part of Singapore Business Federation (SBF) Sustainable Employment initiative.
We recognize that our employees are critical to the success of our organization and are valuable assets.
To offer a work environment that treats every employee with respect and dignity, we review our employment practices regularly.
We aim to improve the sustainable employment practices in Ansac.
We do ensure our employees are treated fairly and practice good relationship with our stakeholders such as our suppliers, and individuals that we engage.