Ammonium A-ISE Sensor

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Ammonium A-ISE Sensor

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The special feature of the probe is the CARTRICAL technology; compact housing containing calibrated electrodes for ammonium, potassium, reference system and temperature sensor, all calibrated to each other. This provides reliable measured values and considerably reduced maintenance time and costs in comparison with conventional ISE probes. An sc200/ sc1000 controller completes the system. It can be extended to include an automatic cleaning unit with a compressor.


PROGNOSYS is now available to provide confidence in your instrument readings. PROGNOSYS will monitor and display the reliability of instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read color display.

Features :

  • Cost-Effective Trending Information
  • Minimal Maintenance with Simple Cartridge Replacement
  • Simple, Accurate Calibration

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