PDV6000 ultra

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PDV6000 ultra

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Measuring trace metals in water, soil and food has always been a vital part of modern environmental monitoring. Voltammetry offers an internationally accepted alternative to laboratory analysis or automatic samplers. Modern Water's PDV provides better on-site characterization, with pollution hot spots and contamination sources more easily identified.


Modern Water's tried and tested metal monitors have been market leaders for over twenty years. They provide an easy way to generate and store real-time data, which allows real-time decision-making. Our PDV600 ultra can be more cost-effective than laboratory analysis and it can be used "stand-alone" or on a computer with our powerful VAS software.
  • Multiple, sequential metal analysis when using VAS
  • AC or rechargeable battery for onsite use
  • Solid-state robust electrodes and stand provided
  • Detection limits below 1ppb (depending on sample)
  • Report generation capability with VAS software

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