Chlorine CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer

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Chlorine CL17sc Colorimetric Chlorine Analyzer

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The Next Standard in Chlorine Analysis 

Built on legacy of reliability in online chlorine analaysis, the advanced design of the CL17sc reduces routine maintenace touch time and provides powerful diagnotic features and enhanced connectivity. The result is less hassle, minimized risk of data loss, and even more reliable information to empower your decision making. 


Maintenance Made Easy 

The CL17sc reduces your routine maintenance touch time with programmable alerts, simplified tubing replacement, and step-by-step maintenance instructions. 

Peace of Mind Through Comprehensive Diagnostics

With upgraded features like a flow meter, colorimeter window, multi-color status light, and predictive diagnostic software, you know your instrument is operating as intended. 

Expanded connectivity. Increased Flexibility. 

By pairing the CL17scwith Hach's SC controller platform, your options increase significantly: internal data logging; external analog and digital communication alternatives; and multi-parameter instrument flexibility. 

The CL17sc is compliant with US EPA regulation 40 CFR 141.74. Both method 4500-CL G and Method 334.0 can be used for measuring residual chlorine in drinking water. 


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