CODMax Plus sc Sensor

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CODMax Plus sc Sensor

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CODmax plus sc is the 2nd generation chrome-based COD online monitor developed and introduced by Hach, based on the market demands on COD testing in China and the user experience and feedback on the previous CODmax. More optimized than the last generation, the product features better expandability, higher accuracy and less maintenance. The product makes it easier to compare the online results to that derived from lab titration, and thus becomes an ideal choice of precise COD test



  • Can be connected to Hach’s controllers of sc200 & sc1000Control Activated Sludge Processes
  • More Accurate Measurement
  • Easier Comparison between Online and Lab Data
  • Less System Maintenance
  • Pistol pump technology and anti-corrosive piping – effectively reduce maintenance work and extend life cycle
  • Precise optical measurement system – more reliable measurement results and lower reagent consumption
  • Automated switch between three ranges within 10 ~ 5000 mg/L
  • Automated calibration & cleaning

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