Kamstrup flowIQ® 3100 Commercial and Industrial Water Meter with Great Accuracy

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Kamstrup flowIQ® 3100 Commercial and Industrial Water Meter with Great Accuracy

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Electronic Ultrasonic Meter - for measuring the distribution and consumption of cold water in blocks of flats and commercial premises.

Accurately metering commercial and industrial water accounts is a key element to reducing apparent water loss. In general, commercial customers make up a small percentage of a utility’s customer-base; however commercial customers consume significantly more water than the average residential account.

Consumption patterns of commercial and industrial customers often involve fluctuations between low flow rates and continuously high flow rates. Kamstrup flowIQ® 3100 industrial water meter uses a bidirectional ultrasonic measuring technique to ensure commercial and industrial water consumption is measured accurately at both high and low flow rates. With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy as the day it is installed.



  • Pinpoint accuracy

Ultrasonic flow measurement guarantees pinpoint measuring accuracy and long life. All measurements, references, readings, calculationsa and data communication are controlled by an advanced, specially desgined, electronic circuit. The electronic meter has no moving parts, meaning there is no wear and is resistant to any impurities in the water. 

  • Drive-by network or IoT

flowIQ® 3100 comes with the newest radio technology to meet increasing market demands for smart metering, both for Drive-by network or Sigfox installations. flowIQ® 3100 has a long range antenna. Radio packages are available with transmission intervals of 16 or 96 seconds for Wireless M-Bus and daily for Sigfox. 

  • Vacuum-Sealed Construction

flowIQ® 3100 is contructed as a hermetically vacuum sealed unit, which prevents humidity from reaching the electronics. Therefore, condensation water between the glass and the large display is avoided. The meter is waterproof IP68 type tested so also suitable for installaton in meter pits. The meter has been MID approved and type tested according to OIML R49. 

  • Wireless M-Bus

flowIQ® 3100 has built-in radio communication-Wireless M-Bus for data communication on 868 MHz. Consumption data can be read directly and manually from the display or using an optical eye. Furthermore, consumption data can be remotely ready by means of the Wireless M-Bus. 

  • Wired M-Bus 

flowIQ® 3100 (Up to DN80) is also available in a version with Wired M-Bus providing a comprehensive datagram according to EN13757:2013 -used in applications using M-Bus protocol. 

  • Longevity

is equipped with a long range antenna that transmits strong radio signals with intelligent coding to the network. The meter can also be read from a long distance with "Drive-by' 

  • Simple installation 

The meter housing, which is made of the plastic material PPS, is mounted on a measuring tube of brass or stainless steel, and as the meter can be installed both vertically and horizontally. It is quickly mounted independent of existing piping and installation conditions. 

The unique combination of pinpoint measuring accuracy, longetivity and built-in Wireless M-Bus-wireless radio communication-reduces the current operating costs of the water utility measurably. In addition, leakage monitoring helps the utility and the consumer to detect any leaks in the system, with the aim of preventing further loss of water thus minimizing unforseen costs to the consumer.  

  • Nominal flow from 1.6m³/h up to 100m³/h
  • Appoved with dynamic range up to R630 
  • Desgined for operation in submerged environments
  • GDPR ready

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