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GasFinder 2

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GasFinder2 is a portable, battery-powered open path gas monitor providing one second response and broad dynamic range. Permanently calibrated, GasFinder2 is a small and light (less than 5kg) hand held solution. GasFinder2 response does not depend on path length, so a series of paths of different lengths (between 1m and 1000m) can be measured in quick succession. Ideal for short duration studies and troubleshooting, GasFinder2 is designed to include safety monitoring during process unit turnarounds and new construction and commissioning.



  • Perimeter and Area Monitoring - GasFinder2 can be permanently installed to monitor chemical and petroleum plants for both combustible and toxic gases.
  • GasFinder2 can be used to replace arrays of point sensors for perimeter monitoring.
  • A single light path will replace many point sensors. With GasFinder2 perimeter monitoring, all gas dispersed from a facility is detected and logged.
  • Emission Measurement – An estimate of the total fugitive emissions from a site can be determined using environmental data, EPA gas dispersion models, and GasFinder2 sensor data.
  • Portable Leak Detection – GasFinder2 can be used as a portable open path gas sensor tosurvey a large site relatively quickly.
  • Areas of elevated gas concentration can be bracketed using shorter path lengths in order to locate leaking valves, flanges or fittings.