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GasFinder FC

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GasFinderFC is a portable laser based gas detector that incorporates a fiber optic port to allow various measurement heads to be attached and swapped out. These heads can enable stack monitoring, short and long open path monitoring or local point measurements. Delivering a very flexible analyzer that can bring the advantages of laser based gas detection to many new applications.



  • Portable stack monitor
  • Many industries are required to measure stack emissions of toxic gases periodically, but not continuously.
  • Extractive wet chemical methods currently used are slow, labor intensive and expensive.
  • A single GasFinderFC can perform stack monitoring requirements for a specific gas, quickly, easily and accurately.
  • Pipeline leak detector
  • GasFinderFC can be configured with a customized probe and GPS system, and mounted in a vehicle or helicopter, to enable rapid, unambiguous detection and quantification of pipeline leaks.
  • Vehicle emissions monitor
  • GasFinderFC can be configured to monitor CO and CO2┬ásimultaneously, and combined with the short open path probe, can be set up across roads to monitor instantaneous emissions of these gases from vehicles passing through the beam.
  • Gross polluters can be identified and their number plates photographed.
  • Portable multi-function gas detector
  • A single GasFinderFC combined with a complete set of measurement heads can enable a company to meet all their emissions monitoring needs for a single toxic gas, easily, reliably and cost effectively.