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GasFinder MC

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Boreal Laser’s GasFinderMC (US Patent No. 5,748,325) measures gas concentrations sequentially in up to eight channels or paths. GasFinder and GasFinderMC employ the same patented (US Patent 5,637,872) TDL(Tunable Diode Laser) technology. GasFinderMC uses a Central Control Unit (CCU) housed in a standard 19″ rack cabinet, 6″ (15cm) high, containing the laser diode source, drive electronics, detector signal processing and microcomputer subsystems. Fiberoptic cable carries the laser light to transmitter heads, which direct the beam along a path to a reflector. The return light is collected on a non-biased photodetector. The photo current is returned to the Central Control Unit using coaxial cable. The transmitter heads are therefore intrinsically safe. There are four available transmitter heads that can interface with the GasFinderMC CCU depending on the end user’s applications.



  • The GasFinderMC has many industrial applications as a complete site monitoring solution. The Central Control Unit has 8 fibre optic outputs which interface with remote transmitter heads. There are three configurations of transmitter heads, each suited towards a specific application.
  • Open Path Remote Head – Suitable for ambient long path monitoring, roofline monitoring, and leak or emergency release monitoring.
  • Mounted on an x-y adjustable platform, the open path remote head can be manually adjusted to cover several paths with one head, and combinations of open path remote heads can be used for redundant perimeter monitoring of high risk process units. Using multiple paths encircling a facility, cost effective leak detection can be achieved.
  • Cross Duct Probe – With one second data rates, the cross duct probe is ideal for duct based process control or large diameter stack monitoring. Two cross duct probes can easily obtain data from the input and the output of a process container to measure the efficiency of the unit. The cross duct probe is designed to fit into a standard ASA 200 pipe flange.
  • In-Situ Probe – The in-situ probe is available up to 1 meter in length and is ideal for stack monitoring applications. The 10 micron filter allows gas to flow through for measurement while keeping dust and particulates out of the monitoring path. Fast data acquisition allows for efficient process monitoring and real time feedback, as well as safety and compliance data.
  • Extractive Multipass Cell – The extractive multipass cell allows a gas sample to be removed from the process and analyzed offline. This sampling method avoids potential interferences from particulates and water vapour, and allows the sample to be monitored at a controlled temperature that may differ from the process temperature. The multipass cell provides 10m of optical path length.