Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (NGR)

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Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter (NGR)

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The NGR is a level sensor that uses TDR technology (time domain reflectometry) and thus can be used in oil and water-based liquids without calibration. The NGR's guided radar uses time-offlight technology to measure electromagnetic pulses. The time difference between the sent pulse and the reflected pulse is used to calculate the level both as a continuous value (analogue output) and a freely positionable switching point (switching output)


  • No mechanical moving parts
  • Manually cutable and exchangeable monoprobe with lengths from 200mm up to 2000mm
  • Immune to deposit formation
  • Process temperature up to 100℃; process pressure up to 10bar
  • Small inactive areas, ideal for small containers
  • Accurate measurement, even when liquid type changes
  • 3-in-1; combined display, analogue output (acc. NAMUR NE 43) and binary output
  • High enclosure rating IP67, rotatable housing
  • Rugged design increases service life
  • High flexibility due to cutable and exchangeable monoprobe
  • Cost savings due to multiple output signals; one system for both level detection and continuous level monitoring
  • Time and cost savings due to low maintenance and quick commissioning
  • No calibration or recalibration required for commissioning thus saving time and costs
  • Compact and rotatable housing enquiries flexible installation
  • No crosstalk when several sensors are mounted next to each other
  • Advanced technology enables adjustment-free measurement of oil and water-based liquids
  • Coaxial version for plastic tanks or DK ≥ 1.8

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