Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover

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Honeywell Dual Layer Face Cover

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The CDC recommends face coverings should be worn in all public settings where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. Take steps to help protect yourself and others while remaining comfortable in the Honeywell Dual-Layer Face Cover with replaceable high-quality filters.



  • Fully resuable and washable base face over
  • Disposable and intuitive filter insert
  • Colours: Dark Grey
  • Stretchable 3D knotted facric to fit multipe face profiles
  • Ventilation Holes for imprived breathability
  • Seal/ fir optimization via embedded nose clip in Honeywell Red indicatot
  • Filter: 3D contour shape and BFE. PEE> 99% 
  • Honeywell logo on mask side: Label customization available
  • Adjustable ear strap 


Technical Parameters

  • Face Cover with Filtr
  • Filtration Efficiency
  • Low Fluid Resistance
  • Washable for face cover


Filtration efficiency as per ASTM F2100-19**

  • BFE > 99% Level 3
  • PFE > 99% Level 3 

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