Honeywell Miller Duraflex Stretchable Harness

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Honeywell Miller Duraflex Stretchable Harness

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At Honeywell Miller Fall Protection, we defy some of gravity's universal pull with innovations in fall protection. We've proven the theory that workers would more-readily wear a comfortable harness, and wear it correctly when we designed the patented Duraflex Full-body Harness that stretches with every movement. It's been proven in the field- when workers wear Duraflex properly, they are more comfortable, safer and more productive. 





1. Stretchable Webbing

  • Provide maximum comfort and maneuverability 
  • Resists environmental effects to maintain its high-performance level 
  • 6000 ib. tensile strength surpasses the standard

2. Convenience

  • Lanyard ring allows user to attach the lanyard when not in use, minimizing hazards associated with the lanyard hanging freely
  • Extra lanyard ring available on non-front D-ring harnesses for attaching two-ledgged lanyards

3. Enhanced Support

  • Sub-pelvic strap distributes weight for added support after a fall 

4. Fully Adjustable

  • Buckle adjustments in the shoulder, chest and leg straps ensure proper fit
  • Varying combinations of friction, mating/quick connect, and toungue/grommer buckles are available

5. Strength and Flexibility 

  • Forged steel back D-ring for maximum strength and dependability 
  • Soft, felxible D-ring pad for added comfort

6. Added Safety

  • Back strap prevents user from falling out of the harness

7. User Friendly

  • Solid color leg straps help the wearer orient the harness for ease of donning

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