Hot Probe No.340 Hot Probe Holder No.345A

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Gastec Hot Probe No.340/Hot Probe Holder No.345A

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Accurate measuring of hot gases

The hot probe is a cooling device for measuring hot gases (60 to 600ºC / 140 to 1112 ºF) such as exhaust from vehicles and incinerators by cooling them down to normal temperatures. The stability of the device is enhanced when it is secured with the hot probe holder (No.345A)

Hot probe holder (Model 345A) can not be used with Twin-tubes and Oxygen tube No. 31B.


A cooling fin accessory for measuring high temperature gases (up to approx.600/1112) such as firnace and automotive exhaust gases. The sample is cooled to ambient temperature for accurate concentration measurements. Use hot probe holder (No.345A) to attach the hot probe for better stability.

*Hot probe holder(No.345A) can not be used with Twin-tubes and Oxygen tube No.318.

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