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Maintenance Service, Service Contracts

Maintenance Service, Service Contracts

Busy to keep track on your equipment condition? We help you to schedule and perform routine maintenance to ensure it is always in good working condition. Maintenance is key to your company's performance whether it is your own team of engineer or by out-sourcing to the professional to have a ease of mind. The importance of maintenance is often realise after a heavy lose, thus affecting downtime, safety and productivity.

Type of service provided:

  • Never miss a single maintenance interval
  • Preventive maintenance for planning your maintenance and extending the life of your instrument
  • Friendly customer service to assist on administrative document
  • Essential service provider
  • Brainstorming of solution to your application, needs and budget
  • Keeping of instrument up to date with the latest firmware
  • Visual inspection of equipment for signs of any damage
  • Function testing and equipment test run