ISOFLUX-Ultrasonic Heat Meters IFX Series 4

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ISOFLUX-Ultrasonic Heat Meters IFX Series 4

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ISOFLUX, model IFX-Mx-04, is an energy meter and ultrasonic flow meter which can be used for the measurement of energy consumption for fluids, also other than water in energy systems closed-loop or open and also for consumption of water.


The further features and advantages of the series IFX are: 

  • List of displayed parameters can be set by the user
  • Two universal pules inputs/outputs available-can be used to connect additional pulse sources (for example-water meters), or as pulse outputs (for energy, volume values etc)
  • M-bus, current interface modules or wireless radio readout modules available
  • Tariff function available
  • Programmable monthly and yearly set days
  • Hourly, daily and monthly consumption values are stored in the internal data logger
  • Daily and monthly extreme (min/max) values with time stamps are recorded
  • Flow direction indication
  • The calculator can be mounted on the flow sensor or in other convenient location (on the rail, inside a hermetic enclosure or on the wall)

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