ML255 Flowiz Converter

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ML255 Flowiz Converter

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ML255 Flowiz converter allows powering of any Isoil electromagnetic sensor plus one or two optional pressure sensor through internal lithium batteries. It is powered up via batteries. The system allows measuring performances meeting the requirements of CEN EN 14154, ISO 4064 and OIML R49 normative.


ML255 Flowiz allows wireless transmission via GPRS of all flow and pressure data and it is equipped with a four bands internal modem. It is also has an internal data logger able to store flow and pressure data with a logging capability up to 2Gbytes.


  • 0.4% accuracy of the read value
  • 0.5% and better than 0.5% of repeatability
  • Programming through 3 internal keys
  • Can coupled with all Isoil electromagnetic sensor