MS1000 Wafer Flow Sensor

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MS1000 Wafer Flow Sensor

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MS1000 wafer sensor is easy to be mounted thanks to the absence of flanges. It can be installed by inserting it between counter flanges of various type (UNI, DIN, ANSI, JIS, etc.).


It is suited for all principal applications in particular for the markets of water, HVAC and in cooling plants.


  • Carbon steel and SS body material
  • ND 25 to ND 400 nominal diameter
  • PP, PTFE and Ebonite lining material
  • 0…4500 m3/h flow rate
  • PN 16 to PN 40 nominal pressure
  • 100 °C max liquid temperature (non for PP & ebonite lining)
  • Wide choice of electrodes material
  • Accuracy and repeatability data are according to the chosen converter

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