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Isoil MS2500 Flanged Magnetic Flow Meter

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MS2500 flanged magnetic flow meter is for universal utilization which suited for all applications. Its flow ranger is available with the widest diameters range.



  • Carbon steel and SS AISI304/316 body material
  • ND 25 to ND 1800 nominal diameter
  • 0…91000 m3/h flow rate
  • PN 16 nominal pressure
  • 100 °C max liquid temperature (non for PP & ebonite lining)
  • PP, PTFE and ebonite lining material
  • Wide choice of electrodes material
  • Accuracy and repeatability data are according to the chosen converter


  • MS2500 Flanged Sensor for Electromagnetic Flow Meter has the widest flow ranger to fit for all types of industrial applications. This entails that ensuring a good fit for your equipment will not be a problem.
  • Relatively low maintenance due to the inner measuring tube made from stainless steel and the outer tube made from carbon steel when welded together creates a hermetic seal to protect the sensor from various hazards.
  • Its versatility offers a wide range of industry applications including agricultural, mining, baths and pool equipment, manufacturing of machinery, textile industry, water treatment, waste management and more.

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