MS3900 Ultra Compact Flow Sensor

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MS3900 Ultra Compact Flow Sensor

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Compact flow meter integrates in the same body the sensor and the converter. It is suitable for flow control where flow might need to be controlled according to the temperature such as cooling systems and tooling machines, washing system etc.



  • PTFE coated zincked steel body material
  • ND 10 to ND 20 nominal diameter
  • 0.4…10 m/s velocity range
  • 50 µS/cm minimum conductivity
  • NPT threaded connection
  • PN 16 nominal pressure
  • 100 °C max liquid temperature
  • PTFE lining material
  • SS AISI316 electrodes
  • Programming through PC ISOCON IF23 software
  • +/-2% accuracy of the reed value