NGS Dual Magnet Float Switch

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NGS Dual Magnet Float Switch

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Kobold NGS operates as the level rises and falls the inclination of the float is changed causing a permanent magnet in the float to be deflected which in turn repels a rotatable opposing magnet. This forces snap-action-contact effect operates a micro-switch with a plunger. Even very small changes in level can be detected in this way. Kobold NGS can be functioned by control and monitoring liquid levels in open and closed vessels. The application to be operated especially monitoring a continuous liquid levels, when only one side installation is possible due to lack of space, when a very rugged monitoring device is needed for tough environments and also when hazardous area approval is required.



  • Minimum Medium Density: >0.7kg/dm3
  • Connection: 92mm square flange PN25, BSP 2” and 2” NPT
  • Max Temperature Media: 80 °C…250 °C
  • Max Ambient Temperature: 60 °C…80 °C
  • Max Pressure: 16…25 bar
  • Output: SPDT with 2 switch contacts

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