KAL-K Electronic Flow Monitor

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KAL-K Electronic Flow Monitor

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Kobold KAL-K flow monitor continuously monitor liquid media. It is suited for securely monitoring flows with minimum pressure loss. Sensitivity to soiling is significantly reduced by means of a single part sensor.


Temperature of Kobold flow monitor is compensated with micro-controller. All data required for temperature compensation are stored in EEPROMS, and maintained for at least 10 years after power failure. The instrument may be easily adjusted by customers to suit process conditions. The sensor switch point is absolutely consistent, as the sensor has been adapted to suit process data.


  • Switching Range: 4 cm/s…2 m/s
  • Connection: G1/4…G3/4, 1/4”NPT…3/4”NPT, M12 x 1, Tri-clamp DIN 32676
  • Max Pressure: 100 bar
  • Max Temperature Media: 80 °C (standard)…120 °C (High Temperature)

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