PSC Electronic Switch

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PSC Electronic Switch

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Kobold electronic pressure switch PSC with integrated display is used for continuous pressure monitoring and allow simple switching point programming without pressurisation. The long term proven ceramic or thin film cells give pressure switch very good repeating accuracy and a long life, even at high load alternation. Nevertheless, this PSC can be used for a wide range of measuring tasks in hydraulics and pneumatics.



  • Pressure Range: -1…10 bar, 0…700 bar rel.
  • Connection: G1/4, 1/4”NPT
  • Max Temperature Media: 80 °C
  • Power Supply: 12…30Vdc
  • Electrical Connection: M12x1, 4 pin
  • Switching: 2xPNP/NPN, 1xPNP/NPN with 4-20 mA output, 1xPNP/NPN with 0-10V output

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