NKP Plastic Level Switch

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NKP Plastic Level Switch

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Kobold NKP is designed for economical control of liquids in vessels. The switch is remarkable for its maintenance free design, small dimension and reed contacts with high switch capacity. The switch is mounted on the side of the vessel. A hinged plastic float with a magnet floats up and down through liquid level. The encapsulated reed contact is operated by the magnet. The switching function N/O, N/C is determined by installation position.



  • Minimum Medium Density: >0.6kg/dm3 for NKP-14.,-24..,-64..
  • Minimum Medium Density: >0.95kg/dm3 for NKP-15.,-25..,-65..
  • Connection: G1/2, 1/2” NPT
  • Housing: PP for NKP-14.,-24..,-64..
  • Housing: PVDF for NKP-15.,-25..,-65..
  • Max Temperature Media: 80 °C for NKP-14.,-24..,-64..
  • Max Temperature Media: 100 °C for NKP-15.,-25..,-65..
  • Max Pressure: 10 bar
  • Output: N/O or N/C (according to mounting position)

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