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Blackline Loner Location Beacon

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Within and nearby facilities, GPS signals alone may not provide sufficient positioning precision to locate employees during an emergency response. In such circumstances, every second counts and searching every location within a facility is not an option.  


New location technology from Blackline Safety addresses this challenge through the introduction of Loner® Beacon—a compact positioning transmitter. Installed throughout facilities, each Loner Beacon device is installed at known locations where employees operate, including doorways, access points, hallways, catwalks, and rooms. Taking only a few minutes to install, Loner Beacon is self-powered so there’s no need to run wires, making for a cost-effective deployment.


  • No cabling or hardwiring required
  • Self-powered with standard C-cell alkaline batteries
  • 5 year battery life at highest power setting
  • Affordable purchase and minimal installation cost
  • Robust location technology without positioning errors
  • No calibration as required by some triangulation-based positioning technologies
  • Requires only 1–2 minutes per beacon installation
  • Tri-frequency radio beacon signal includes inference avoidance technology
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor industrial environments with IP65 ingress protection against weather and dust

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