ISONRG- ML311 Heat Meter

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Isoil ISONRG- ML311 Heat Energy Meter

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ML311 is a BTU meter usable for any kind of flow meter with pulse or analog output as: Turbines, Bulk, Woltman, Impellers, Single or Multi jet, Ultrasonic and, of course, Electromagnetic meters. ML311 is also certified MID004 referring to EN1434 norms following Directives 2004/22, very important for European market.  


The new BTU meter has got a very accurated calculation either for water or other fluid as Glycole, an automatic switch from hot to cool for cogeneration and trigeneration plants, a large 12 months logger and can get until three pulses signals use to cold and heat home water. ML311 can be connected to any kind of thermistor probe as PT100/500/1000 with 2 or 4 wires. It can also transmit data by different protocols as RS232, RS485, MODbus, BACnet, Mbus.  


  • Free to work with any kind of flowsensor
  • Heat & Cool energy calculation
  • Usable with PT100/500/1000 couple of temperature probes paired
  • Certified MI004 to EN 1434 technical norms
  • Data transfer by serial ports and MODbus, BACnet, Mbus or Mbus protocols.
  • Available to work with I/O pulses and analog
  • Comply with the requirements stipulated in SS 591;2013 and the latest Green mark requirement 

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