300 Series Instrument Thermometers

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300 Series Instrument Thermometers

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Noshok 300 Series is the highest quality thermometers available on the market. Corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel case and bezel provide a hermetic seal to prevent lens fogging and moisture damage. Dial size of 3" and 5" with centre back, 1/2” NPT bottom connection. Meanwhile, it has additional selection for adjustable angle connection on 30-320 and 50-320 models.


Bimetal element is an extremely responsive temperature sensing helix which has been carefully sized, tested, heat-treated and aged to relieve inherent stresses and ensure continued accuracy. For accurate readings, the minimum recommended stem immersion is 2-1/2" in liquids and 4" in gases.


  • Temperature Range: -100…150 °F through 200…1000 °F
  • Scale: dual, outer is °F while inner is °C
  • Connection: 1/2”NPT for 3” & 5” dial size
  • Dial Size: 3” & 5”
  • Stem Length: 2.5”….24”

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