OMNIPOWER® Single-Phase Residential Electricity Meter

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OMNIPOWER® Single-Phase Residential Electricity Meter

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The OMNIPOWER® single phase electricity meter for use in households is a high-precision smart meter, offering long-term stability and reliability. Our OMNIPOWER® single phase meter comes in several variants to fit every need. It can be configured to fit your network infrastructure, whether you have specific demands for encryption standards, data collection protocols, the chosen communication technology or something entirely else.

As a high-end smart meter, the OMNIPOWER® single phase energy meter can be equipped with a wide range of communication modules and provides intelligent features like 4-quadrant metering, power quality registration and remote disconnect as default. Elective breakers and an STS prepayment certified solution are also among your options.

Intelligent and high-performance single phase electricity meter for household use.



Comprehensive grid information

OMNIPOWER® holds comprehensive data and event loggers with logging intervals of 5, 15, 30 and 60 minutes. Data can be read from the OMNIPOWER® meters on a daily, hourly or even quarter-hourly basis, giving you the full overview of the load on the grid. This information can be used for ToU-tariffs and other incentives to promote off-peak energy consumption.

The OMNIPOWER® single phase meter is designed to support extended analysis of the main grid using measurements of THD, power factor, voltage unbalance, voltage variations and sags and swells.


Interoperability at hand

Seamless integration and flexibility are key factors in exploiting the full potential of the fast developing and diversified communication technologies. OMNIPOWER® supports the DLMS/COSEM data collection protocol as system integration interface. This ensures a standardized interface between the electricity meter and a number of data collection systems.

With an additional module, the OMNIPOWER® single phase energy meter can collect data from heat, cooling and water meters within the household and as such be the cornerstone of a multi-utility solution with everything in one system.


Smart Home Enabled

The OMNIPOWER® single phase energy meter for residential applications is the optimal solution when focusing on consumer engagement. The meter is smart home enabled and allows text messages in the meter display and when connected to a network infrastructure, it wirelessly transmits real-time consumption data, text messages, alerts and price information to an in-house display or an app.

In this way, the consumer can both follow his daily electricity consumption closely and react to any changes in consumption or information provided in the in-house display.



It goes without saying that all security and privacy aspects have been considered in the design of the OMNIPOWER® single phase meter; all for the sake of protecting revenue and ensuring accurate and reliable metering data for billing and documentation purposes.

OMNIPOWER® also holds comprehensive data and event loggers with security and anti-fraud features that enable the utility to quickly discover tamper and attempts to physically access the meter. 


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