OMNIPOWER® Three-Phase Residential Electricity Meter

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OMNIPOWER® Three-Phase Residential Electricity Meter

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The OMNIPOWER®  three phase electricity meter is optimised for smart metering systems and offer multiple features designed to maximise the utilisation of utility assets. Voltage quality measurement, logging of events and real-time load profile generation for all four quadrants are standard features, and in addition, the meter supports a wide range of communication types. 
The OMNIPOWER® three phase meter is prepared for smart home applications via the HAN interface.

A 3 phase meter comes in many shapes and variants. Whether you need a meter with or without breaker, a DIN-rail variant or a meter with or without preset encryption, it is part of the OMNIPOWER® product range.

Intelligent three phase electricity meter for consumption up to 100A for households and industry



Open Communication

The OMNIPOWER® 3 phase electricity meter is open for a wide range of communication modules like radio, NB-IoT, GSM, GPRS, 3G and M-Bus. The modular construction of the meter enables the utility to add or change the communication module in the meter without disconnecting it and thus without interrupting the supply to the consumer.  

At the same time, the meter offers seamless integration and flexibility by providing the DLMS/COSEM data collection protocol as system integration interface.


Grid Insights 

The OMNIPOWER® three phase meter has extensive voltage quality measurements and power quality logging capabilities based on the European standard EN 50160, enabling the utility to track relevant grid information. 

With a multitude of loggers and tariff registers, the OMNIPOWER® three phase energy meter provides information on e.g. loads, time of use, and transformer ratio. Furthermore, the OMNIPOWER® three phase meter comes with intelligent functions such as smart disconnect and software controlled prepayment as default.

With detailed information and alarms that indicate the exact location of any voltage quality issues, the utility can get an overview of the voltage quality, react to any issues and reduce the cost of poor voltage quality.


Smart Home-Smarter Consumers

The OMNIPOWER® 3 phase meter for residential applications is the optimal solution when focusing on consumer engagement. 

The meter is smart home enabled and allows text messages in the meter display. When connected to a network infrastructure, it wirelessly transmits real-time consumption data, text messages, alerts and price information to an app or an in-house display. 

This way, the consumer can follow the daily electricity consumption closely and the utility offer incentives for off-peak energy usage and thereby improve its demand side management.


Secure Metering

As a high-end smart electricity meter, OMNIPOWER® takes all security and privacy aspects into consideration providing the highest security level, protecting revenue and ensuring accurate and reliable metering data for exact billing and documentation purposes.

OMNIPOWER® holds comprehensive event and data loggers with anti-fraud and security features that enable the utility to immediately discover tampering and attempts to physically access the meter.


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