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Measuring trace metals in water, soil and food has always been a vital part of modern environmental monitoring. Voltammetry offers an internationally accepted alternative to laboratory analysis or automatic samplers. Modern Water's range of OVA products are cost effective, accurate, simple to use and easy to integrate into existing systems.


Modern Water's tried and tested on-line monitors have been market leaders for over twenty years. They provide an easy way to generate and store continuous real-time data, which allows real-time decision-making. A Modern Water OVA can also be self-financing, due to savings in process chemicals and discharge penalties. The system is easily integrated into standard process systems. The OVA7000 has a built in PC, which can be controlled by sperate VGA screen and keyboard or by laptop connected via WI-FI or LAN. This external control prevents unauthorised users from making any changes. It is housed in a modular cabinet made of durable, light weight plastic which enables the user to separate the reagent cabinet from the main body of the unit, for easier transportation and installation. The OVA7000 runs on a lower power 12V DC (or standard 90-260V AC) making it the ideal solution for remote locations.
  • Market leading customer support service and user training
  • 24 hour monitoring of three to six sample streams (depending on sample type)
  • Lightweight construction with seperable analytical and reagent cabinets
  • Programmable alarm outputs for out-of-range samples or system faults
  • Solid electrodes-no hazardous mercury drop electrodes
  • Multi-element analysis configurations available

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