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PetroChek enables in-situ, real-time, monitoring of crude and refined hydrocarbons within both fresh and marine water systems. The monitor detects fluorescent poly aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are inherent in crude oil and refined fuels and lubricants.


Accidental or deliberate spillage of crude or refined hydrocarbons can have catastrophic consequences to freshwater and marine environments. Impacts to fauna and flora can be devastating and in freshwater environments it can lead to significant damage and costs to drinking water treatment plants. In cases where there is historical contamination. PetroChek can be effectively used as a portable or online monitor to identify and activated carbon and big savings can be made through effective monitoring and control.
  • Window or Android interface
  • Small in-situ portable monitor with real-time measurements Wireless connectivity-ideal for field use
  • Fixed and flow through configurations for on-line reporting
  • Real-time data displayed in PAH units
  • Combines high sensitivity with wide dynamic range
  • Robust stable performance
  • Digital and analogue output options include RS232, RS422, SDI-12, 0.5-5V DC and 4-20mA

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