Portable Gas Analyzer

While it’s not always possible to know what you’re monitoring for, our line of Portable Gas Detection instruments offers solutions for detecting known, as well as unknown, gases.

  • testo320_big_en

    Testo 320

    flue gas, draught, pressure, ambient CO, differential temperature & gas leak detection
  • 0001140_testo-330-2-ll-flue-gas-analysers

    Testo 330 LL

    Dilution up to 30,000 ppm CO (Testo 330-2 LL)
  • testo-330i-p-in-emi-005810_master

    Testo 330i

    Measurement display via Smartphone/ Tablet & Testo 330i App
  • testo 340_p_in_emi_000070_pdpz

    Testo 340

    Measuring range extension for unrestricted measurement at high gas concentrations
  • testo-350-Maritime-flue-gas-analysis_iz

    Testo 350 Maritime

    GL-Certificate according to MARPOL Annex IV and NOx Technical Code 2008
  • TVA2020 with datasheet

    TVA2020 Toxic Vapor Analyzer

    Range : FID : 1.0 to 30000ppm
    PID : 0.5 to 2000ppm
  • Hi-Vol samplers with datasheet

    Hi-Vol Samplers

    Measure : PM10, PM2.5, TSP
  • Miran with datasheet

    MIRAN SapphIRe Portable Ambient Analyzers

    Measure up to 121 Single-Gas Compounds