G7x connected Safety Device with Single/Multi-Gas Detector

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The Blackline Safety G7x wirelessly connects your team to real people using Iridium satellites. We put the tools in your hands to watch over your own team, or you can leave the monitoring to our Safety Operations Center.

Wireless connectivity ensures that each G7x is remotely configurable and firmware updates are automatic. G7x supports three cartridge types that provide a choice of gas detection options. Everything is completely customizable to meet the needs of every industry, application and scenario.


  • Fall Detection
  • No-Motion Detection
  • Two-Way Voice and Text Message Communications
  • Speaker Phone
  • SOS Alert
  • Check-in
  • GPS Location
  • Indoor Location Compatible
  • Gas Alarms
  • G7x available in 3 Models: G7x Standard, G7x Single-Gas & G7x Quad-GasĀ 
  • Single Gas & Multi-Gas Sensor Options (H2S, LEL, CO, O2, CO2, NH3)
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