Half Mask Respirator

north-by-honeywell-Half Mask Respirator with Datasheet

Grey high performance Dual cart(Class 1) half mask respirator.Lightweight and low profile ergonomic design of the face piece gives high levels of user acceptance. Three sizes of face piece gives good fit and wearer comfort. Unique cradle head band and yoke piece for ease of adjustment. Contoured revert seal gives an excellent face seal that will not cause discomfort.


  • Can be adapted to PAPR or Supplied Air for added flexibility in the workplace
  • Only 9 replacement parts, for quick and easy strip down and clean
  • Both masks are latex free, no need to be concerned about latex allergens
  • Strategically engineered exhalation valve placement allows more breath to be exhaled faster, making the mask more comfortable and cooler to wear

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Half Mask Respirator-Datasheet pdf English US [filesize]https://ansac-tech.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Half-Mask-N5500.pdf[/filesize]