Hi-Vol Samplers

Hi-Vol samplers with datasheet

High-Volume Air Samplers using Mass Flow Control (MFC) are capable of 24-hour continuous measurement of PM-2.5, PM-10 or TSP for indoor or outdoor sampling. They feature a high speed motor, durable all-weather shelter and ruggedized electronic components for accurate sampling.

Volumetric Flow Control (VFC) High-Volume Air Samplers are supported by a protective shelter that ensures the surface of the filter rests in a horizontal position. This aerodynamic design allows for the collection of particles for PM-2.5, PM-10 or TSP.


  • Mass flow control or volumetric flow control system options
  • Inlet available for PM-2.5, PM-10, or TSP particulate measurements
  • High speed motor for continuous sampling
  • All-weather, outdoor shelter constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Filter materials available in binderless or high-purity glass fiber, pure quartz or cellulose
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