The AppliTek IBULyzer is an automated, cost-effective analyzer that was developed by direct demand of the Belgian beer industry. The at-line analyzer automates the manual iso-octane extraction method for bitterness tests on a large number of  sampling points. IBULyzer complements your internal quality control procedures allowing to brew each time that unique beer, yet with tight control over the IBU values.


  • Similar with internationally applied manual iso-octane extraction method
  • Bitterness as sum parameter: ISO a-acids + other components
  • Excellent accuracy and precision (repeatability)
  • No sample pretreatment necessary (except degassing)
  • Straigth-forward operation requiring no special anyalytical skills
  • Low cost of analysis relative to a large number of results
  • Smart features: autocleaning, autocalibration
  • Up to 10 sampling points possible
  • Incorporated industrial panel PC with various remote access options
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