FT400 Series Rate/Total Display Convertor


The FT400 series flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator or transmitter that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total and also generate output signals. The FT430 and FT 450 have one scaled output while the FT440 has two.

All FT400 meters are available in wall or panel mount configurations. The FT430/440 models can be factory mounted on the meter. Some configurations of the FT 400 can be converted from wall to meter or meter to wall after installation if needed.


  • Simple Setup
  • DC Powered (FT430), Loop Powered (FT440) or Battery Powered (FT450)
  • Remote or Flow Sensor Mounted Indicator
  • Rugged Plastic Housing
  • Non-Volatile Memory
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 FT400 Series Rate/Total Display Convertor-Datasheet pdf English US 573 KB