SFR 5000 Series Regulators


Calgaz regulators provide peace-of-mind.

The regulator, or gas delivery system, is crucial in providing the correct amount of gas to the instrument. This ensures an accurate bump testing and calibration.

These are some key items that consistently deliver the quality we promise and our customers demand.


  • Repeatable calibrations for the Breath Alcohol (BrAc) market
  • Accurate bump tests for the Industrial Hygiene market
  • Any other use requiring a consistent volume of gas


  • Factory preset flow rate between 0.2-17LPM
  • Timed flow adjustable up to either 30 seconds or 240 seconds
  • Automatic gas shut off for efficient gas usage and added safety
  • Simple knob to power on/off and adjust timing
  • Push button to initiate flow
  • Sleep mode to conserve batteries
  • Easily visible LED-illuminated dial provides feedback
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