Project References | ANSAC- Flow Meter Supplier in Singapore

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We have a dedicated project team who has been trained to provide the following services for our clients:

  • System Integration
  • Design and Installation of Instrumentation and Control Systems
  • Systems Layout and CAD Designs
  • Installation, Commissioning and End User Training
  • PLC Programming and System Updates
  • Troubleshooting, Modifications and Retrofits


Pharmaceutical Industry
Water Treatment Plant
Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Installation of Gas Detection System link to 3rd party building management system via high-level interfacing
  • Mini PLC control system for beacon sounder and solenoid valve zoning activation
  • Project management and site coordination during construction stage
  • Perform alarm simulation for combined testing with other services
  • Supply and install UPS battery backup to suit customer request

Customize control panel with solenoid valve control
Combination of different types of gas detector model
Installation of Gas Detection in Clinic
Customize Gas Detection system in cleanroom

Water Treatment Plant

  • Engineering design for PH sensor mounting
  • Replacement of existing manual gate valve to motorise gate valve
  • Customise panel to integrate beacon sounder and motorise gate valve operation
  • Hacking of existing drainage to increase flow capacity

Motorize gate value installation with integration of water analyzer
Fully automated water analyzer system with safety gas monitoring. System is able access remotely any where and time.
Gas Detection system installation on Waste water treatment plant
Ultra-Sonic flowmeter installation on waste treatment plant

Chemical Industry

  • 350Kg Type G90 To EN14470-2 Hydrogen gas cabinet (single cylinder) installation
  • Re-routing of existing Hydrogen gas piping
  • Propose and perform accordingly to SCDF drawing submission
  • Perform pressure test, gas alarm simulation for solenoid valve and beacon sounder activation

Chemical plant Gas detection system
Panel integration work and gas lab monitoring
Gas Yard safety monitoring and installation work
Integration of SMS system with Gas Detection monitoring


  • Installation of gas detection system link to SMS alert for 24/7 close monitoring
  • Customise compact panel for space constraint location

Institution Gas Monitoring System
Ducting gas monitoring system with sampling type gas detection system
Integration of SMS system with Gas Detection System
Particle Counter installation work with FMS software monitoring