• Project


    • We have a dedicated project team who has been trained to provide the following services for our clients:

      • System Integration
      • Design and Installation of Instrumentation and Control Systems
      • Systems Layout and CAD designs
      • Installation, Commissioning and End User Training
      • PLC Programming and System Updates
      • Troubleshooting, Modifications and Retrofits

    Completed Projects in Various Industries:

    • Pharmaceutical Industry

      • Installation of Gas Detection System link to 3rd party building management system via high level interfacing
      • VIPA control system for beacon sounder and solenoid valve zoning activation
      • Site Coordination and Supervision During Construction Stage
      • Perform Alarm Simulation For combined Testing with other Services
      • Supply and Install for UPS Battery backup for half an hour

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    • Water Treatment Plant

      • Engineering Design For PH Sensor Mounting
      • Replacement of Existing Manual Gate Valve To Motorise Gate Valve
      • Standard HACH SC200 Controller Integrated To Beacon Sounder and Motorise Gate Valve Operation
      • Hacking Of Existing Drainage To Increase Flow Capacity

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    • Chemical Industry

      • 350Kg Type G90 To EN14470-2 Hydrogen Gas Cabinet (Single Cylinder) Installation
      • Re-routing of Existing Hydrogen Gas Piping
      • Propose And Perform Accordingly to SCDF Drawing Submission
      • Perform Pressure Test, Gas Alarm Simulation For Solenoid Valve and Beacon Sounder Activation

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    • Institution

      • Installation of Gas Detection System link to SMS Alert for 24/7 Close Monitoring
      • Customise compact panel for space constraint location

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