• AP-700 Full Water Monitoring Package with Galvanic DO

    AP-700 Full Water Monitoring Package with Galvanic DO
    The AP-700 offers “the big 4 commonly known as pH, EC, dissolved oxygen and temperature.

    SGD 6000.00 SGD 4000.00
    The AP-700 package represents the essentials in basic water quality monitoring. Offered as a complete package you are provided with everything you need to get testing water. Package includes an Aquaprobe, a GPS Aquameter, a 3 meter cable, accessories and some RapidCal calibration solution all housed in a neat carry case for easy storage and transport.
    The standard A700 Package comes with 10 parameters:
    • pH
    • ORP
    • Dissolved Oxygen (galvanic)
    • Temperature
    • Specific EC
    • Absolute EC
    • TDS
    • Resistivity
    • Salinity
    • SSG
    What is in the case: 
    • AP-700 Aquaprobe with 3m cable
    • Handheld GPS Aquameter
    • 250ml RapidCal calibration solution
    • Square DO membrane cap,  DO filling solution and pH storage solution
    • USB cable and Windows PC application
    • Lanyard, screwdriver & 5 AA batteries to power the GPS Aquameter
    Application Notes Type Language Size
    AP700-AP800 pdf English US [filesize]https://ansac-tech.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Aquaread-AP700-AP800-Aquaprobe-Brochure.pdf[/filesize]