• AP-Lite Single Parameter Package with Turbidity Electrode

    AP-Lite Single Parameter Package with Turbidity Electrode
    The AP-Lite is a simple probe with a single optical socket. This socket is able to house any of our optical electrodes, including turbidity and chlorophyll. A temperature sensor is also included on the probe. 

    SGD 8900.00 SGD 6956.00
    The AP-Lite Socket: This socket can house any of our 8 optical electrodes, which simply in screw in and out.
    • Turbidity
    • Chlorophyll a
    • ORP
    • Blue Green Algae (fresh or saltwater options available)
    • Rhodamine
    • Fluoresceine
    • Refined Oil
    What is in the case: 
    • 3m tough cable with connectors at both end
    • GPS Aquameter
    • AQUAPROBE AP-LITE body featuring optical sensor socket and rugged AquaConnconnector
    • Various accessories
    Other Features:  The AP-LITE can be used with our sapphire turbidity sensor for continuous monitoring. Because you do not have to manually take samples, as with other portable turbidity readers, the AP-LITE can be deployed for continuous monitoring. Using our BlackBox you can even hook this up to existing networks or to a telemetry device. AP-Lite Gallery
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