• Chlorine (Free & Total) Color Disc Test Kit, Model CN-66

    Chlorine (Free & Total) Color Disc Test Kit, Model CN-66
    Simple and Fast colour disc method. Quickly and accurately measures free and total chlorine levels in the field or in the lab.

    SGD 270.00 SGD 139.00
    This color disc test kit uses powder DPD reagent that reacts with chlorine more quickly than tablet-form DPD, giving more accurate results. Powder DPD also has a considerable advantage over orthotolidine, a hazardous substance sometimes used as a free and total chlorine test reagent. Hach Chlorine Test Kits are manufactured by Hach to ensure compliance with stringent quality control standards. Kit contains 100 tests.
    • Specifications:
    • Case Style: B
    • Method Name: Color disc/DPD
    • Number of tests: 50 Free, 50 Total
    • Parameters: Chlorine, low range- as free & total Cl2
    • Platform: Color Disc
    • Range: 0-3.4 mg/L Cl? Cl?
    • Ship Wt. (lbs): 1
    • Smallest Increment: 0.2
    • What is in the box: 
    • two reagents
    • color disc
    • color comparator box
    • tube
    • instruction sheet
    • carrying case
    Expiry Date: Sep 2019  
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