• DON Gear Wheel Flow Meter

    DON Gear Wheel Flow Meter
    The technology allows precise flow measurement and dispensing of most clean liquids regardless of their conductivity, with other liquid characteristics having no or minimal on meter performance. This metering technology does not require flow profile conditioning or straight line runs as required with alternative flow technologies making the installation relatively compact and low cost. Positive displacement flow meters are an inexpensive technology. However, the appropriate meter must be sized so that pressure drop across primary measuring elements – oval rotors does not exceed maximum capacity of either.


    SGD 1140.00
    • Oval gear flow meters are positive displacement flow meters where passage of liquid cause two oval gears to rotate within a precision measuring chamber and with each rotation a fixed volume of liquid passes through the meter.
    • Magnets embedded within the gears initiate a high resolution pulse train output.
    • The pulse output can be wired directly to process control and monitoring equipment or can be used as an input to instruments supplied with or fitted directly on the meter.
    • Measuring Range: 0.5 L/h…2500 L/min
    • Connection: G1/8…G4, 1/8” NPT…4” NPT, ANSI 1”…ANSI 4”, DIN DN25… DIN DN100
    • Max Pressure: 10 bar…16 bar
    • Accuracy: +/-1% of reading (DON-x05…DON-x15)
    • Accuracy: +/-0.5% of reading (DON-x20…DON-x60)
    • Accuracy: +/-0.2% of reading (DON-x20…DON-x60)
    • Electronics: ZOD-Z3 (rate, totalizer, pulse output, 4-20mA output)
    • Size : 1/8" to 4"
    • Flow : 0.5 L/hr to 2500 L/min
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