• F-410N Acrylic Flow Meter (3/4"FNPT-Liquid)

    F-410N Acrylic Flow Meter (3/4

    Dual Scale Flow Range

    SGD 210.00


    • Service: liquid
    • Tough machined acrylic meter body, highly polished to a clear finish
    • Direct reading permanent scale
    • White back reflector for easy reading
    • F/NPT adapters with high grade Viton o-ring seals and aluminium "stress ring" thread supports
    • 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy rod guided floats
    • Acceptable in direct sunlight applications


    • Meter Body: Cast Acrylic Rod
    • Adapters: Polypropylene
    • Guide Rod Holder: Polypropylene
    • O-ring seals: Viton (optional EP)
    • Float: -Standard Series: 316SS- K-Series: Hastelloy or PVC
    • Guide Rod: -Standard Series: 316SS -K-Series: Hastelloy
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